Current inquests

Coronavirus service update

We will continue to hear inquests as we have over recent weeks with virtual and socially distanced proceedings.

You should not come to either of our courts if you have coronavirus symptoms but please telephone us as soon as possible to let us know.

Hastings Coroner’s Court

at Muriel Matters House in Hastings:
Date Time Name Age Date of death Place of death Coroner’s officer
16/06/2021 – 17/06/2021 10.00am Hamint Bedi 64 18/09/2019 Conquest Hospital Bob Greenall
17/06/2021 2.00pm Richard Warriner 65 04/08/2020 Heathfield Bob Greenall
21/06/2021 10.00am John McNamara 67 08/10/2018 Forest Row David Tye
29/06/2021 12.15pm Jacqueline Quick 68 16/12/2020 St Leonards on Sea Maria Fabien
29/06/2021 2.00pm Daniel Parris 23 22/02/2021 Rye Karen Brown

Eastbourne Coroner’s Court

at Town Hall in Eastbourne:
Date Time Name Age Date of death Place of death Coroner’s officer
17/06/2021 10.45am John Scrivener 57 24/09/2020 Polegate Sarah Cockram
17/06/2021 11.30am Raymond Jones 74 27/01/2021 Eastbourne District General Hospital David Tye
17/06/2021 12.00pm Joyce Harwood 88 29/10/2020 Royal Sussex County Hospital Anne Knight
17/06/2021 2.00pm Christopher Lowes 61 29/07/2020 Isfield Anne Knight
24/06/2021 10.00am Maureen Reakes 86 26/10/2020 Eastbourne District General Hospital Anne Knight
24/06/2021 11.00am John Collins 76 22/11/2020 Eastbourne District General Hospital Karen Brown
24/06/2021 11.45am Patricia Edwards 87 09/01/2021 Eastbourne Karen Brown
24/06/2021 2.00pm Harry Farley 21 26/09/2020 Crowborough Sarah Cockram
01/07/2021 10.00am Denyse Harvey 62 04/09/2020 Eastbourne Bob Greenall
01/07/2021 12.00pm Chloe Walsh 34 11/01/2021 Eastbourne District General Hospital Sarah Cockram
01/07/2021 2.00pm Louise Gould 37 06/08/2020 Eastbourne David Tye
01/07/2021 3.15pm Alan Evans 75 01/04/2021 Eastbourne District General Hospital David Tye
East Sussex Coroner

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