Health and safety, food and fire safety for businesses

Your responsibilities

If you employ anyone, you need to know about employers’ liability compulsory insurance. If your business has five or more employees, you need to have a written health and safety policy statement. You need to meet standards concerning the ventilation, sanitation, lighting and temperature of the workplace.

Fire safety

Find out who is responsible for meeting your legal obligations and the measures you need to take to protect your business. You must have a licence to sell fireworks at any time or year or if you store more than 5kg of explosives.

Food safety and hygiene

Good food hygiene practice is vital to ensure that food you produce, serve or sell is safe to eat.

We provide continuously updated advice notices about food safety and recalls. Food hygiene services in East Sussex are operated by district and borough councils.

General advice

Local food hygiene services

Get food safety alerts

Animal health and welfare

There are specific regulations for people who work with animals, including livestock, from registering your business to dealing with animal feed and reporting notifiable diseases.

Planning for emergencies

If your business was struck by fire, flood or computer failure, do you know how you would set about finding temporary premises, meeting your deadlines or making sure your staff know what’s going on?

Many small firms never return to business as usual after a serious crisis but a bit of careful planning will increase your organisation’s chance of survival.