Trading Standards advice for businesses

What Trading Standards does

Find out more about the services we provide and your views about our services.

Fair trading

Approvals of weights and measures and the latest guidance leaflets for businesses.

Buy With Confidence

People prefer to do business with companies they know they can trust. Join our Buy With Confidence scheme and prove that you’re a fair trader.

Support With Confidence

If your business provides care and support services, find out how to become an approved provider under our Support With Confidence scheme .

TS Connect – news from Trading Standards

The latest news from Trading Standards

Alerts about product recalls and food safety

Latest safety notices on food and electrical goods, toys and furniture.

Explosives and fireworks licences

Apply for licences and registrations to store and sell fireworks and other explosives.

Age-restricted products

Products that can't be sold to people under a certain age. Preventing and reporting underage sales.

Licence for storing petroleum

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service deal with safety and licences for businesses that store large amounts of petrol.

Licence for non-medical poisons

Many household items contain non-medical poisons, which you need a licence to sell.

Food safety and hygiene for businesses

Employers' liability compulsory insurance and standards on workplace ventilation, sanitation, lighting and temperature, food labelling and safety recalls.

Animal health and welfare

Information about animal movements, feed and other aspects of animal health.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Guidance on who needs an EPC, what it includes, and how to get an EPC.