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FREE for children on benefit-related free school meals ...

A range of activities and food is available during school holidays at our Holiday food and fun clubs. It’s a great opportunity for children and young people to enjoy a range of fun things to do.  

Six weeks of food and fun!

For six weeks during school holidays throughout the year (Easter, summer and Christmas) local clubs will be serving up a menu of activities for children and young people of all ages, plus there’s food to enjoy too. 

Activities may include sports, games, arts, crafts, music, and nature although these will differ from club to club.

Many clubs will be encouraging parents to join in with food preparation. It’s a chance to get involved and learn a new skill.

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What’s on offer

To find out about Holiday Food and Fun club near you, have a look at what’s on offer in your local area.  

The list of clubs is growing.

Find a club

How do I book?

Each club takes its own bookings. Look at what’s on offer to find the booking advice.

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Is it FREE? 

It's free for children and young people who receive benefits-related free school meals. 

If you don’t receive benefits, each club will make a charge, in advance, for the sessions.  The charges may differ from club to club.

Covid and safety 

Sessions will be provided ‘live’ wherever possible, following government guidance.  If this isn’t possible, an online alternative may be offered.

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If you’re a provider

We’d like to hear from you.  Take a look at our questions and answers if you’re interested in providing services for Holiday food and fun!

We've pulled together a list of groups and organisations that you can use to signpost parents towards the help they might need.

Supporting information for providers

Funded by the DfE

Holiday fun and food is part of a national programme (Holiday Activity and Food) funded by the Department for Education.

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