Early Help for families

Services across education, health and social care are working more closely together so that children and families receive a better and more coordinated service.

Early Help

Early Help in East Sussex is the targeted support that is available to families with children of any age. By providing Early Help services we want to achieve better outcomes for children, prevent families from needing social care intervention, and keep families together where possible.

Early Help support services offer whole family support, working together across the following age ranges:

The Children’s Centres Keywork Service and Health Visiting services work closely through the Good Start programme to agree what support is needed where families have children aged 0-5

The Early Help Keywork Service provides coordinated support for families with children aged 5-19.

Any of the above services can coordinate support for the whole family.

The Children Index – how information is shared between practitioners

A practitioner is anyone who works with children and young people, for example a social worker, GP or some teachers.

To enable practitioners to share information and assess what care your child is receiving, a directory called the Children Index has been set up. The Index is only accessible to authorised practitioners.

As a parent or carer, you have the right to see information held in the Children Index about your child. You make these requests in writing using the Data Protection Subject Access Request Form.

If you want to find out more about information sharing, we’ve developed an online Information Sharing course and test.

Who to contact

For more about the Children Index contact the Index Support Team.

For more information about Early Help services contact the Early Help and Commissioning Team.

Many support services across health and children’s services are listed in the East Sussex Community Information Service (ESCIS).

Information for practitioners

All information for practitioners on how services work together and more about how information sharing works is on Czone, the website for people working in Children’s Services in East Sussex.

Services across health, education, social care and other services are working more closely together so that children and families receive a better and more coordinated service, aiming to:

  • help services for children identify if a family needs help
  • encourage professionals to provide choices about the help that is available for yout family