Key workers – help for parents of young children with special needs

If your child has a complex disability or special needs they probably receive a wide range of support services. If you would like help coordinating your appointments, and need some practical and emotional support, you could take advantage of the East Sussex Early Support and Care Coordination Scheme through the help of a key worker.

What is a key worker?

Key workers are people who already work with children, such as health visitors, teachers, social workers and school nurses.

A key worker can help you coordinate your often busy schedule of appointments, by working with you, and the professionals to ensure your child has one clear and effective plan of support.

How can a key worker help my child?

If you decide to have a key worker they will:

  • ensure there is effective communication between all the services supporting your family
  • be your first point of contact if you have questions or concerns
  • contact you and your child regularly – not just when there is a problem
  • make sure that the help you get changes with your child’s changing needs
  • help you to keep a record of the support your child is getting.


Both parents and professionals can refer a child to the key worker programme.

If you want to refer a child to the service, please complete a key worker referral form on Czone – Early years special needs support.

Contact us

If you would like more information or would like to have a key worker for your child please contact the key worker coordinator.

For advice about other special educational support for young children and families, please contact the Early Years Teaching and Support Service.