COVID-19 weekly monitoring report

A message from the Director of Public Health

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Last updated 17 June 2021

  • Across England, the South East and East Sussex the number of cases and weekly rates per 100,000 have increased
  • Cases in East Sussex have increased from 39 to 85 but continues to have one of the very lowest weekly rates of all Upper Tier Authorities.

Hopefully the delay to lifting the final restrictions will have the intended effect of slowing and reversing the rise in infection. Although weekly rates in East Sussex are very low compared to the rest of the country, as expected, cases here have started to rise. You may wish to reconsider any travel plans depending on rates of infection in that area.

Last week I raised my concern about the declining number of test results - not just due to fewer people taking tests but fewer people reporting the results of those tests. One of the newer symptoms reported is hayfever like sneezing and a runny nose.

Please don’t dismiss any slight symptoms – take a PCR test and make sure that you don’t pass it on to someone who may develop more serious symptoms.

To all those who have no symptoms of COVID, please remember that we are increasingly coming into contact with others and you may unwittingly spread the infection to someone who may develop more serious symptoms. It is vital that we all continue to test ourselves twice a week and report those results.

I will reiterate the need to for all of us to return to the basics of protecting ourselves:

  • maintaining social distancing
  • wearing face coverings in enclosed spaces
  • regular handwashing

These basic measures protect us all.

Darrell Gale, Director of Public Health

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