COVID-19 weekly surveillance update

COVID-19 headlines for East Sussex

The Surveillance Update collates published national data to describe COVID-19 cases in East Sussex, how they change over time, and how this compares to other areas.

Last updated 10th June 2021

  • Weekly rates for the South East and for England have seen a sharper increase this week
  • Weekly rates for East Sussex remain static at 7 per 100,000

We know that some areas are gripped in a third wave of escalating cases and that the new Delta variant is proving a particular challenge. In contrast, the number of those cases in East Sussex remain low and of those low numbers there are no more than a handful of cases that have tested positive for the new variant. If rates do escalate in East Sussex into a third wave, we do know that our most vulnerable group of elderly are protected and so we are in a very different position from where we were back in the winter months at the start of the second wave.

It is unlikely that East Sussex will be spared from rising cases and the spread of the Delta variant. I see this as a rising – where we know the tide is coming in; but we don’t yet know how fast it is coming; or what depth it will rise to.  We should all return to the basics of protecting ourselves: maintaining social distancing; wearing face coverings in enclosed spaces; and regular handwashing. These basic measures protect us all.

The greatest concern that I have at the moment is the declining number of test results and without that information we are increasingly working in the dark. This is not just due to fewer people taking tests but fewer people reporting the results of those tests. Please don’t dismiss any slight symptoms – take a PCR test and make sure that you don’t pass it on to someone who may develop more serious symptoms. To all those who have no symptoms of COVID, please remember that we are increasingly coming into contact with others and you may unwittingly spread the infection to someone who may develop more serious symptoms. It is vital that we all continue to test ourselves twice a week and report those results.

The only thing we want to be spreading is the message that we all need to test regularly and report the results.

Darrell Gale, Director of Public Health

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This report covers East Sussex and the District and Borough areas. You can find data at postcode level on GOV.UK coronavirus dashboard.

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Darrell Gale Director of Public Health
Darrell Gale Director of Public Health

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