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A message from the Director of Public Health

Darrell Gale Director of Public Health East Sussex

Last updated 29 July 2021

  • New cases are declining nationally and locally.
  • The number of cases in young people remain high and hospitalisations of COVID cases are predominantly in the younger age ranges.

I want to focus my message on young adults under 30 years old this week.

We know that the vaccine has proved successful and the data from the first and second wave demonstrates that. No vaccine carries a 100% guarantee but those who contract COVID even after their double jab have symptoms that are less severe (although I acknowledge they can be very unpleasant).

Hospitalisations have been much lower in the second wave particularly among the older age groups. Those being hospitalised now tend to be young adults and/or those who have not had the vaccine. Long COVID is a condition we are still learning about, but we know it often affects the unvaccinated and can lead to multi system organ failure.

There has been a lot of focus on the vulnerable and elderly over the course of the pandemic. I fear it may have left the generation of young adults feeling as though they have little to fear. This age range may well be in their physical prime but without a vaccine COVID can still pose a very serious risk. We have so many examples of successful vaccination programmes and uptake of the COVID vaccine really is vital if we are to move back to normal.

The vaccine is available to all adults over 18 and I urge everyone to make the most of this opportunity. The Health and Social Care Partnership website has an excellent Fact Check section to help you understand all the facts and to make an informed choice.

Darrell Gale, Director of Public Health

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