COVID-19 weekly monitoring report

COVID-19 data sources

Data at postcode level

The information that we provide is an overview of data from the UK Government summary dashboard for East Sussex and district and borough level.

Visit the: UK Government daily summary to see data at a postcode level, scroll to the bottom left of the daily summary page to insert your postcode.

Please note: Postcode level detailed data is not always available. Reported data will show the most local information in each category for the selected area.

Daily UK summary links to district and boroughs in East Sussex:

More data for your local area

The UK Government website for data and insights on Coronavirus (COVID-19) is UK summary dashboard.

Visit the: UK Government summary dashboard

East Sussex County Council uses this data to provide a weekly overview of the position for East Sussex and the borough and districts including a narrative to explain what the data may mean for each area.

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