Get an assisted symptom-free test

If you leave home to work, have children attending school, or are socialising with others outdoors, it’s a good idea to have a regular test.

How to book a test

To book an assisted symptom-free test you must:

  • be aged 18 or over
  • not have any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, new persistent cough, or loss of taste or smell). If you have any of these symptoms you must self-isolate immediately and book a COVID-19 test at the NHS or call 119
  • live or work in West Sussex, East Sussex or Brighton & Hove
  • not have been instructed to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

If you have previously tested positive for COVID-19 you are not eligible for community testing for 90 days. If you develop symptoms you should instead book a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test.

Book online

You can book a test through the online booking system.

You will be able to book an appointment up to 1 week in advance. The locations offering the tests will be available once you start your booking. You will be able to amend or cancel your booking up to 1 day in advance.

More information about what you can expect when attending the booking can be found once you start the booking process.

If you make an appointment and later cannot attend please let us know as soon as possible. This will let someone else to book the slot.

Where can I get tested?

Test sites are available at community pharmacies across West Sussex, East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. There is a dedicated testing site in Brighton and 1 in Hove that can be used by anyone from across Sussex.

When you book your appointment to have your test, you will be given the option to choose where you get your test. This depends on availability.

Receiving results

NHS Test and Trace will send you the result within 30 minutes in most cases.

Before you take your first test you will need to register your personal details so that results can be shared with you. To save time, you can create an NHS account in advance.

If you don’t have a smartphone, devices will be available on site for you to use. You can choose to have the results sent to a trusted friend or family member if you prefer.

Positive results

If you test positive, you must self-isolate for 10 days. Book a follow up test to confirm the result within 2 days.

Contact tracing will be initiated through NHS Test and Trace. Any contacts will be advised to book a PCR test. If they test positive or are negative but haven’t been vaccinated, they will be advised to self-isolate as well. If your PCR test result is negative you and your contacts will be able to stop isolating.

It is very important that you provide correct and full details to NHS Test and Trace.

Travelling home when you receive notification of a positive test

If you receive a positive test result you must:

  • travel home immediately, wearing a face covering
  • travel home in your own vehicle or by walking or cycling, wherever possible
  • arrange for a member of your household to pick you up if it is not possible to travel in your own vehicle or by walking or cycling.

Negative results

If you test negative, this does not completely rule out infection with COVID-19, as there can be false negative results. You should continue to follow the preventative measures currently recommended for stopping the spread of COVID, as well as following the current national lockdown rules.

To protect yourself and others, you must remember: Hands. Face. Space.

  • Hands – wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water often, and as soon as you get home. Use hand sanitiser or gel if soap and water are not available
  • Face – wear a face covering in indoor setting where social distancing may be difficult and where you will meet people you do not normally meet
  • Space – stay at least 2 metres away from anyone you do not live with, or who is not in your support bubble

Support if you need to self-isolate

If you need to self-isolate, support is available from the community hubs.

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