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Street parties and fetes

Street parties and fetes are a long-held British tradition that we want to encourage and make easier to hold.

Organising a small street party or fete is often quite simple and you do not always need a licence or insurance, as long as your event is organised by and for residents and neighbours only.

How to arrange a road closure?

Please contact your local district or borough council – they can arrange a temporary road closure and advise what else you need to do:

Planning your street party

You can find lots of information and tips about how to get started with planning a street party from these websites:

Decorating the street

If you are planning to attach bunting and other decorations to street lights, please make sure:

  • they are high enough not to cause an obstruction
  • you do not drill any holes or use nails or glue
  • your decorations do not cross or overhang the road

For banners, decorative lighting or bunting that hang over the highway, you will need to apply for a licence from: East Sussex Highways.

Contact: East Sussex Highways, if you would like to borrow traffic cones, signs or barriers for an event.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch: