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Ageing Well Festival

East Sussex Seniors’ Association (ESSA) has now had 13 successful years of celebrating Older People’s Day (traditionally observed internationally on 1 October each year) with events across the county.

In 2020, with the support of seniors forums across the county, we shook things up. The year saw the launch of the all new Ageing Well Festival, bringing a vibrant and empowering outlook on life after 50.

The Ageing Well Festival celebrated all the wonderful things people over the age of 50 contribute to our communities. To inspire generations to live long and full lives, and to show you’re never too old to work on your health and wellbeing, and above all have fun.

As a result of (Coronavirus) COVID-19, and on advice from East Sussex Public Health, it was not possible to arrange and promote physical events for the 2020 events programme. Instead, event organisers were quick to adapt, bringing the people of East Sussex a number of virtual events and a series of inspirational stories.

Events took place online throughout September and October with a range of informative events, quizzes and creative activities. Feedback was received from 14 event organisers, and from 13 attendees at 6 separate events. Organisers and attendees were both generally positive about these events, finding them easy to organise and to take part in. Most organisers said that, even if there were an option to hold a physical event in the future, they would be happy to organise a similar, virtual event in future years.

Find out more about the Ageing Well Festival, and the events that took place:

Planning for Older People’s Day celebrations in 2021 will begin soon and we will provide updates when available. If you are a member of a club or organisation, or would like to put on an event this year, please contact:

Sue Dunkley
Equality and Inclusion Officer
Telephone: 0778 384 7944
Email: Sue Dunkley