School uniforms

Why does my child have to wear a school uniform?

Uniform helps create a school identity. It also reduces peer pressure. When everyone is wearing the same uniform there is less need to worry about how you look.

Each school has its own uniform policy or dress code. Schools can decide if girls can wear trousers, or if religious dress is allowed.

The school’s governors decide the uniform policy. They consider the impact this may have on parents and pupils, including cost.

The head teacher makes sure pupils follow the clothing rules.

The cost of school uniform

There is cost of school uniforms – GOV.UK to ensure this is reasonable and secures the best value for money.

Schools need to ensure that their uniform is affordable. Generic items which are widely available give parents choice and allows them to control the cost of school uniforms. Schools should keep the use of branded items to a minimum and for low cost and long-lasting items.

Help paying for school uniforms

East Sussex County Council no longer has a uniform grant.

Speak to your school about your options. Information on second-hand uniforms should be on the school’s website. Some schools agree to sell uniforms on a repayment plan.

Contact Citizens Advice if you’re forced to buy uniforms from an expensive supplier.

Local school uniform banks


The HARC (Hastings Advice and Representation Centre) charity shop sells second-hand uniform for local schools. Supplies of uniform are seasonal and subject to availability.

186 Queens Road,
TN34 1RG

Telephone: 01424 722 164
Website: HARC


The Newhaven Uniform Bank collects and distributes clean, good quality uniform for Newhaven primary schools.

See the Newhaven Uniform Bank website for more on how to request or donate uniforms.

Website: Newhaven Uniform Bank

Complaints and requests for uniform changes

Send uniform complaints to the school’s governing body.

If you’d like changes to the school uniform, talk to the head teacher, school governors or parent-teacher association (PTA).