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SEND school and college transport

Apply for travel assistance
How to make an application for travel assistance and what happens next.
Aged 5 to 16 with SEND
Read this before applying for transport for a child of statutory school age
Aged 16 to 19 with SEND
Over 16's do not automatically get free school transport. See how we assess eligibility for transport.
Aged over 19 with SEND
How we assess eligibility for transport for this age group.
Nursery aged with SEND
Find out when we provide assistance for nursery age children with SEND
Personal Travel Budget (PTB)
We may offer a parent or carer a PTB to provide financial assistance to organise transport to school. Find out more.
Independent travel training
Practical training to support a child or young person to make journeys to school or college.
Vacant seat scheme (SEND)
You may be able to pay for a seat on a vehicle if you are not eligible for travel assistance
About transport assistance
More information on the travel assistance we can provide.
School transport policies
Find out who qualifies, support we provide, when we can't provide support, appeals and complaints.
Transport contacts
Contact information.