School admissions


Consultation on admission arrangements at community and controlled schools for the 2017-18 school year opens on 23 November.

Anyone is welcome to give us their views

Apply online

Please use this system to apply for school places.

School Admissions explained

What to do before applying for a school place, and where to get advice.

Schools in East Sussex

Find out about all state-funded schools in East Sussex including Ofsted results and links to their websites.

Timetable and important dates

Important dates for admissions to primary, junior and secondary schools and information about in-year applications.

Admissions and special educational needs

Information for parents and carers on school admission for children with special educational needs in East Sussex.

Admission appeals

How to make an appeal if your child has been turned down for a place at your preferred school.

School transport

How to get financial help with travel to school, volunteer to help with a school crossing, information about walking and cycling to school, and help with transport to school or college for young people with Special Education Needs (SEND).

In-year admissions

How to apply for a school place during the school year, outside of the normal admissions process.

School meals

Information for parents and carers on school meals in schools in East Sussex.

Going to nursery school

Everything you need to know about starting your child at nursery.

School performance and Ofsted

How to find and understand school achievement and attainment tables (performance tables) and Ofsted inspection reports.

School uniforms

Information about school uniform regulations in East Sussex.