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Volunteering in the countryside

Volunteering in East Sussex

Finding employment in countryside management and related areas can be difficult. Volunteering is an important way to find paid work in this field by gaining experience and becoming actively involved in practical environmental work.

Rights of way volunteer groups

The rights of way network is maintained by rangers and volunteer groups. They carry out a variety of tasks in a parish from maintaining stiles and gates to clearing vegetation on footpaths.

For more information about forming a volunteer group please contact the,

Elm Protection Volunteers

East Sussex has the largest population of mature Elm in the country. So far, they have escaped the worst ravages of Dutch elm disease partly from natural factors – being between the Downs and the sea – and partly through human factors – a good Dutch Elm disease (DED) control programme. But it is still killing our elms. 

The current DED control area stretches from Brighton and Hove in the west to Eastbourne in the east. We are keen to add to our existing group of volunteers to ensure that we have complete coverage of the control area. For more information, see our page, 

If you would like to work with us on this important project we would like to hear from you. Please send a brief CV (Curriculum Vitae) to us:

Tree wardens

Tree wardens are involved in planting schemes, surveys, school projects or planning issues affecting protected trees. They volunteer directly for the parish and town councils.

We support Tree Wardens by providing information about trees, woodland and funding opportunities, and by organising an annual gathering.

If you would like to become a tree warden, please contact your local parish or town council or alternatively our Tree Warden Coordinator.

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