Library amnesty

It’s time to get ready for the holidays and enjoy the summer.  It’s FREE time, meaning no charges on overdue library items.

Have a good clear out, and while looking for those shorts you might find library items you have forgotten to return.

Don’t worry, just bring them back to us and we will not charge you. There’s always something that goes missing, but if you have lost some items let us know so we can help you.

We need to get our books back so that we can offer lots of choice to everybody that needs and enjoys the library service.

It’s a great chance to help friends return items to us and enjoy coming back their library and all there is on offer.

It has been a while, so if you aren’t sure what you have on loan you can visit our website to check your account, talk with the staff in your local library, or call 0345 60 80 196.