Library membership

Under 5s and playgroups

Playgroups and childminders can borrow extra children’s books of your choice for 12 weeks. Playgroups, as well as parent and toddler groups, can arrange for storytime or rhymetime sessions at a usual meeting place or in the library.

Complete a registration form at your local library to get your ticket straightaway. Childminders need to bring their childminder registration to get a group ticket.

Playgroup book boxes

At some libraries playgroups can borrow a box of 30 pre-selected books, exchanged 2 times a year. They contain board books, rhymes, stories, ‘joining in’ books and non-fiction. We can deliver directly to you, or you can exchange them at most libraries.

  • For most libraries, ask staff for a registration form. We will let you know when your first book box is ready.
  • In Eastbourne and Hampden Park please ask for the under 5s group ticket instead.

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