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Week 4 solutions


A chatbot screen saying do you like libraries code club Eastbourne

Scratch project - chatbot

You can share your projects with us by filling in the contact us form and choosing Code Club in the drop down. If you would like us to share it on the page, don’t forget to tell us!

A recipe for: an adventure!


  • Friends
  • Danger
  • Travel
  • Fun
  • Uncertainty
  • Suspense
  • Surprise
  • Heroism


  1. Mix a heaping cup of fun with a dash of uncertainty
  2. Stir in a good handful of danger
  3. Add a sprinkle each of suspense and surprise
  4. Stir through a group of friends, soaked overnight in heroism
  5. Top with a dusting of travel (optional) and bake for 1 week to 1 year, depending
    on taste

HTML - recipe