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Dispensations, waivers and permits

Covid-19 and parking permits

Covid-19. There are some temporary changes to parking and permits during the coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak. See the: Temporary changes to parking, webpage for more information.

You can now apply for disabled parking bays and access protection markings online. For more details see: Apply for an access protection marking and also see: Apply for disabled parking bay.

We are aware of some problems using NSL Apply when using Internet Explorer (IE) to apply or pay for permits. Microsoft are discontinuing IE next year and are no longer supporting it. We recommend using a different browser. If you need any help with a permit application, please contact the: customer service team.

There are occasions when we may need to provide a dispensation, suspension or waiver. All applications are considered on an individual basis and charges apply. For more information or to apply contact us.


These can be issued for vehicles or activities which are not covered by national exemptions.


Residents and businesses may apply for parking bays to be suspended.

Unauthorised vehicles parked in a suspended area will be issued with a PCN.


Waivers allow vehicles to park on yellow lines where there is no alternative or when loading and unloading is likely to exceed the normal 20 minute maximum period.

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