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Coronavirus: There are some temporary changes to parking and permits during the coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak. See the: Temporary changes to parking, webpage for more information.

Hastings parking review: We are consulting on some new parking restrictions and changes to existing ones in Hastings. View the maps and have your say about parking in Hastings Borough.

Pay and display parking bays and charges

This map of  Bexhill pay and display [481.6 KB] [pdf] parking shows the roads that have pay and display bays.

Charges apply:

  • Zone N – 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday
  • Zone C – 8am to 6pm, everyday, except Marina which is 8am to 8pm everyday
  • Zone W – 8am to 6pm, everyday
  • Seafront – 8am to 6pm, everyday

Unless otherwise stated, all parking controls apply on bank holidays. Parking charges do not apply on 25 December, 26 December and 1 January.

This tables below show the pay and display charges for Bexhill.

Parking charges short stay
Short and medium lengths of stay Town Centre (maximum stay 2 hours) Marina (maximum stay 2 hours) West Parade (maximum stay 4 hours)
Up to 7 Minutes 5p 15p 5p
Up to 10 Minutes 5p 30p 5p
Up to 15 Minutes 10p 45p 10p
Up to 30 Minutes 20p 90p 20p
Up to 1 hour 40p £1.70 40p
Up to 2 hours 80p £2.70 70p
Up to 3 hours N/A N/A £1.05
Up to 4 hours N/A N/A £1.40
Parking charges long stay
Long stay Seafront Maximum stay all day Station Maximum stay all day
Up to 7 Minutes 5p 5p
Up to 10 Minutes 5p 5p
Up to 15 Minutes 10p 10p
Up to 30 Minutes 20p 20p
Up to 1 hour 40p 40p
Up to 2 hours 70p 80p
Up to 3 hours £1.05 £1.20
Up to 4 hours £1.40 £1.60
Up to 5 hours £1.70 £2
Up to 6 hours £2 £2.40
Up to 7 hours £2 £2.80
Up to 8 hours £2 £3.20
Up to 9 hours £2 £3.60
Up to 10 hours £2 £4

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