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Temporary changes to parking during coronavirus (Covid 19)


All Temporary changes to parking and permits during the coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak have now ended.

The information below has been updated for the changes to restrictions from 21 June. This page will no longer be updated as all temporary changes have now come to an end.

Parking restrictions and charges

All parking restrictions apply as normal.

Health and Care workers

We, in line with the government guidelines, have now withdrawn all Coronavirus (COVID-19): health, care and volunteer workers parking passes and concessions.

From 1 July, you must make the appropriate payment, have a permit, or, if parking in a time limited bay do not overstay the time limit, for any parking bays you use. See the information about on street parking for details of the parking bays available, or information about parking permits to see if you are eligible for one. If you have any questions or need help applying for permits please contact us.

Visitor and hotel permits

The libraries are now re-opened and permits can be collected from them. You will still need to apply for permits online, as you did before, and when your application has been approved you will be notified so you can make payment and then collect the permits from the library.

We will no longer be posting permits to you. If you require any help collecting permits from a please contact us.

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