Bus service changes

Back to school January 2022

As you know, Covid-19 rates are rising and there may be changes to transport.

Please be aware of the following:

  • We are planning ahead, but the rising rates may cause driver shortages on school transport. We will do as much as possible to avoid transport failing.
  • Parents and carers are asked to plan ahead, just in case you need to get your children to school another way.
  • If your child travels by smaller vehicles (taxis or minibuses) and there is a change to your transport your transport provider will try to contact you.
  • If your child travels by larger vehicles (coach, bus or train) please visit the transport providers website or social media. You can also check with your school who should be kept up to date. We will add updates here if there are any major service changes that impact schools.

There may also be future announcements from Government that could also affect school transport provision.

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