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Household Support Fund - extra help for those most in need

Does your household need extra support this winter?

If you’ll find it difficult to keep warm, get enough food or pay essential bills you may be able to get extra help.

People in every part of East Sussex can apply for help from the Household Support Fund which makes £3.9 million available for residents most in need this winter.

Get help with the costs of food, energy and water

If you or your family are struggling with the costs of food, heating and lighting, or water bills, you may be able to get financial help.

If you are over 18 and receive benefits you can apply now for support from the borough or district council where you live.

To apply online or ask for help, please contact your local council:

Other types of help on offer

Warm home check

If you’re worried about keeping warm at home and you are on a low income, contact our Warm Home Check service: Keep warm and well

You may be able to get a free warm home check, with advice on how to keep your home warm and small energy efficiency improvements that can help you save money. Boiler service or repair, draught-proofing of doors and windows, supply of emergency temporary heaters and more may be possible.

Free school meals

Free school meal vouchers are on offer for children in families who qualify.

Vouchers can be claimed for two weeks over the Christmas holiday in December, for half-term in February 2022 and for the two-week Easter holiday in April 2022.

Your children’s school should keep you informed: speak to the school if you need more help.

See also: Free school meals

More advice and support

If you’re in difficulty and would like more advice, Citizens Advice can help.

You can search for advice on their national website and find contacts for local advisors in East Sussex.  Enquire online Citizens Advice or text ADVICE, with your name and postcode, to 81400.

Voluntary groups in East Sussex, including foodbanks, are being given an extra £1m of funding to help East Sussex residents manage extra pressures this winter.

Find details of other voluntary groups that can offer help on East Sussex 1 Space

More details about the Household Support Fund

The Government’s Household Support Fund  has allocated £3,896,783 to East Sussex for the period to March 2022.

  • About half of the money will support families with children. This will include resources targeted to families that we already work with because they are in need and the cost of free school meals.
  • About £750,000 will be shared among the five district and borough councils in East Sussex to help households in need meet basic costs.
  • More than £1 million will support the work of foodbanks and other volunteer organisations in the county.
  • Extra financial support is also being given to Citizens Advice and to the Warm Home Check service to help people under greatest pressure.