Blue Badges

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Most blue badge applications are delayed because they do not include supporting medical evidence. If you do not provide this information with your application, it cannot be processed. 

Apply for a Blue Badge

If you are disabled you can apply for a Blue Badge to help you park close to your destination. The badge costs £10.

You can use a Blue Badge as a driver or as a passenger. You do not need to own your own car.

Before you apply, check if you are eligible for a Blue Badge.

About the application process

We aim to process applications quickly. Delays of 8 to 10 weeks can occur if you do not send the correct documents or need further assessment.

  • You need to submit all mandatory documents and a photo.
  • If you apply online and provide a current email address, you will be kept updated about the progress of your application.
  • If you would prefer to apply using a paper application form, see below.

For full details about what you need to do, see: Blue Badge application process.

Using the digital assistant

You can get answers to common questions by using our digital assistant. If you know your application number, you can also use the digital assistant to check the progress of your application and submit documents online.

The digital assistant is located on the right-hand side of the Blue Badge website pages. Click on it to start using it.

Please note, the digital assistant will only appear on the Blue Badge website pages if you say yes to cookies for 'communications and marketing' – check your cookie settings.

More on Blue Badges

Paper application forms

These organisations hold paper application forms and can also help you with filling them in:

The following places have application forms but cannot help you to complete them:

We can also send you an application form by post.

To get in touch with us:

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