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Coronavirus – information for people receiving direct payments

Coronavirus direct payment guidance

COVID-19 vaccinations for personal assistants

Personal assistants can get the COVID-19 vaccination. They can find out how to book at the following link, or speak to their GP:

Health and care workforce vaccinations

If they don’t have work photo ID, they can request a personalised vaccination eligibility letter by emailing our Vaccines Team

Even after having the vaccine, personal assistants should continue using personal protective equipment. 

Personal protective equipment grants

New grants are available to help clients receiving direct payments pay for personal protective equipment (PPE) for personal assistants during COVID-19.

PPE is things like masks, gloves and aprons that your personal assistant wears to keep you both safe during the pandemic. Depending on the type of care you purchase with your direct payment, either you or your personal assistant can apply for a financial grant to help pay for certain types of PPE between now and end of March 2022.

This guidance provides information on the grants and how to apply:

Personal protective equipment grant [172.5 KB] [docx]

Contingency planning

Everyone who receives a direct payment should develop a care contingency plan. This is a plan to make sure your care needs would be met if your current care arrangement broke down, for example, if your Personal Assistant or care provider needed to self-isolate.

This guidance gives advice on what to do to ensure you have appropriate plans in place:

Contingency planning for direct payment clients [177.5 KB] [docx]