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COVID-19 updates for adult social care and health providers

Updates from East Sussex County Council

Infection Control and Rapid Test Fund

Funding for the latest round of the Infection Control Fund (ICF4) and the Rapid Test Fund (RTF 3), which covers July to September 2021, has now been allocated to those who applied and met the eligibility criteria. Applications are closed.

We would like to remind providers of the need to report on this round, due by Friday 22 October 2021. A link to the report will be circulated in early October.

We are asking each service to complete a single round of reporting, which we hope will help minimise the administration associated with these grants.

Your report should only account for funds received in the fourth round of funding. It should not include previously received funds or expenses incurred beyond the value of the grants. 

Please email abi.neill@eastsussex.gov.uk if you would like to clarify the figures paid out for this round.

The government guidance adult social care extension to infection control and testing fund 2021 sets out the measures that the extension to the Infection Control and Testing Fund supports, including distribution of funds, conditions and reporting requirements.

Updating the Capacity Tracker

Reminder to complete Capacity Tracker updates 

Home care, care home and regulated community care providers should aim to update the Capacity Tracker on a daily basis.

Services that send updates to their head office or to someone else to update the tracker are asked to check that the information submitted is correctly reported on the tracker. Recently there have been issues where the information on the tracker is incorrect and when the service has been contacted, they are unaware of what has been reported.

Care home vaccinations

It's important that care homes regularly update the Capacity Tracker with details of vaccination uptake (first and second doses) for residents and staff. All staff should inform their manager when they have had the vaccine (whether first or second doses) particularly if they accessed the vaccine outside of the care home setting.

Capacity Tracker information is used both locally and nationally to assess the progress of the vaccination programme and identify any locations that have not been able to access vaccinations.

Business continuity and vacancy questions

Care homes should ensure that both the vacancy and business continuity sections are updated at least once a week and preferably daily.

Help completing the Capacity Tracker

If you are unsure about how to use the Capacity Tracker, in the ‘Help’ section is a short video and guidance documents that will answer most questions.

Any other questions please call the national help centre by calling 0191 691 3729 or emailing necsu.capacitytracker@nhs.net

COVID-19 self-isolation support

Self-isolation is extremely important to stop the spread of COVID-19. People are legally required to self-isolate if they test positive for COVID-19 or are told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace, but there can be barriers that mean people don’t follow the rules. These are things like not understanding what they need to do, financial or employment concerns, access to food and other essentials, and the impact on their mental health.

There is now more support available to people self-isolating in East Sussex, to help them do so successfully. The Local Tracing Partnership will contact anyone who tells NHS Test and Trace they need extra support whilst they self-isolate to:

  • connect them to the community hubs for help with things like shopping, self-isolation support payments or housing concerns
  • signpost them to other services, for example mental health, physical health or social care support
  • arrange urgent food delivery if they have no other way to access food.

People can still contact the community hubs directly.

Those told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace who have no other way to get their medicines can also get free medicines delivery from their pharmacy during their 10-day isolation period. People will need their NHS Test and Trace Account ID when requesting the service.

COVID-19 outbreak at a care home – contact Public Health

If a care home has a COVID-19 outbreak, they need to follow the advice issued by Public Health England Health Protection Teams as part of outbreak management.

For further information on outbreaks:

Check the Outbreak Control Plan

Contact: Public Health