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Research governance for social care

We encourage quality research that can benefit our residents.

If you wish to undertake research in East Sussex which involves or is about social care clients or their carers, or involves social care staff, you will need to submit your research proposal to the Research Governance Panel.

Email Research Governance for more information.

The Research Governance Framework sets out the principles and standards that research conducted in social care must comply with.

Application forms

If you wish to submit an application to carry out research in social care at East Sussex County Council please use the appropriate form below:

Application form for external applicants [101.0 KB] [doc]

Application form for employees of East Sussex County Council [114.5 KB] [doc]

In both cases, please email the completed form to: Research Governance

The Research Governance Panel

The panel will consider your proposal to ensure that the questions and methodology are appropriate and safe for participants and researchers, and meet the requisite ethical standards. The panel will also provide advice on any changes that could be made to improve the quality of your final data in the role of critical friend.

Sharing your research

You will be expected to share the results of your research with your participants in a way that is easy to understand. You will also be expected to share the data you collect with the council, and this could be used to improve services in East Sussex.