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Support with Confidence update

Due to COVID-19, the team are working from home. This means:

  • we cannot post copies of documents, we can only email them to you
  • we do not have access to our post. If you have posted something to us, please email it to: Scans or photos are accepted as long as they are clear.
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1. What is Support with Confidence?

Are you a business offering a service or a personal assistant offering one-to-one support to vulnerable adults?

Support with Confidence is an East Sussex County Council accreditation scheme for care and support providers in East Sussex.

Being accredited means people who are looking for care and support in their homes will be confident you are a provider they can trust.

Scheme members offer services including personal care, meal provision, financial advice, beauty or therapeutic services, gardening, home improvement and transport.

Accredited members are included in the following directories:

Support with Confidence East Sussex County Council