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East Sussex Together – how you are coping with coronavirus

Our thanks to the more than 10,000 residents who took our survey on the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) in East Sussex.

We asked you how the virus is affecting your life, finances and well-being and what your priorities are. This will enable us to plan how we can help the county to rebuild and recover.

What you told us

Full survey results

For full details, download the complete East Sussex Together COVID-19 – survey results [1.1 MB] [pdf].


  • Community: more than one in three people (35%) said they felt closer to their community as a result of the virus. A similar number (36%) felt there was no change and a slightly smaller number (28%) said they felt more distant.

  • Your finances: one in 10 people (10%) said their household income had been greatly reduced by the pandemic and a further one in four (26%) said they had suffered some reduction.

  • Health and care: your biggest concern, chosen by almost half (47%). The next greatest areas of concern were finances (20%), education (15%) and crime and safety (7%)

  • Education: more parents of school-age children said they would be confident sending their children to school than not. Of these, 42% were confident, 40% were not and 12% were unsure.

  • Local economy: improving the local economy was the single biggest priority for the future (chosen by 30% of people). This was closely followed by quality of life (24%), by public services and by the environment (both 17%) and then by education (12%).

What we’ll do next

We will work with our partners to:

  • prevent cases of the virus where possible in East Sussex and respond to any local outbreaks, guided by our Outbreak Control Plan.
  • use the information from this and other surveys to help us decide where to put our resources (both money and staff) to best use in coming months.
  • complete further public survey work to understand the impact of Covid-19 on particular groups, especially people from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background.
  • keep community hubs running until at least the end of August 2020 to assist people who need extra help in handling the effects of Covid-19. There are active discussions about how to meet those needs in future.
  • complete and publish an economic recovery plan to help East Sussex back onto its feet.
  • keep parents and students updated on the work that nurseries, schools and colleges are doing and how we’re supporting them to ensure a safe return to education and the chance to recover lost ground.
  • continue to work ever-closer with the NHS, care homes and other providers to improve health and care in East Sussex.
  • introduce schemes to enable more cycling and walking, and provide safe space for social distancing.

Your privacy

The survey did not require any personal information. It was conducted on behalf of East Sussex County by Novoville.com and you can find their privacy policy online. East Sussex County Council will not publish or otherwise share any individual responses. They have been aggregated to present a collective picture of attitudes and opinions among respondents.

The survey asked respondents if they’d like to be kept updated on this topic from East Sussex County Council by email. This is entirely voluntary and users can unsubscribe from emails at any time. See our privacy policy for email newsletters.

The survey ran for two weeks during June 2020 and was advertised online, through email, via social media and with partner organisations. It was available, on request, in alternative formats.

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