About the County Council


If you live or are an organisation based in East Sussex we would like your help to draw up new electoral division boundaries across East Sussex County Council – have your say.

How East Sussex County Council works

Information about how local and national government works. Find out about councillors and the people that work in and around the Council.

Key plans, strategies and policies

Key council publications, strategies and plans, freedom of information, and equalities information.

Who provides your services?

The responsibilities of the Government, East Sussex County Council, district and borough councils, and parish and town councils.

Councillors, Chief Officers and the Lord Lieutenant

How to find and contact your councillor, and information about the wards in the county. Details of senior council staff.

How we plan our policies and priorities

Information about business and financial planning processes at East Sussex County Council.

Assessing our performance and improving the way we work

Independent reports and internal measures of our performance, including work with partner organisations and the voluntary sector.

Council land and buildings

Buildings for sale and to rent, and information about how we manage our land and properties.

Apply to run council services – the Community Right to Challenge

Community groups can express an interest in running council services as part of the ‘Community Right to Challenge’.