Child protection and safeguarding

How can I report a concern?

If you are concerned that a child or young person is at significant risk of harm, contact the Duty and Assessment team.

How are concerns investigated?

If a child needs protection, our specially trained staff will normally investigate together with the police. We may arrange a child protection conference where the family of the child and professional staff can share information and agree ways to protect your child.

One way of doing this is to agree a child protection plan which will outline what needs to change and what help will be received. The plan will also help to inform all the professionals working with the family so they too can support the family’s needs.

Across Sussex, there are a numer of procedures in place on how to protect a child or young person if they are at risk of abuse.

We’ve created some documents to help parents and children involved in child protection conferences and family assessments contribute during the meetings with professionals:

Child protection procedures

We carry out Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks on prospective employees to try and stop unsuitable people from working or volunteering with children or vulnerable adults:

You can download full details of our child protection and safeguarding procedures from Czone, the website for people working in Children’s Services in East Sussex:

Are you looking after someone's child?

If you look after somebody else’s child and are not a close relative, then this is known by law as private fostering.

You must notify us if you look after this child, or have arranged for your own child to be looked after, if the child is under 16 and stays with the private foster carer for more than 28 days.

What is child protection and safeguarding?

East Sussex Children’s Services has a legal duty to protect children and young people who are at risk of abuse, whether this is physical, emotional, sexual, discriminatory or through neglect.

The East Sussex Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) is working to ensure there are effective methods for identifying, reporting, investigating and managing the protection of children. We take all allegations of abuse seriously and believe all children have the right to be safe and secure. Under the Children Act 2004 we are working to ensure:

  • all those working with children and young people know what to do if they are worried about a child’s safety
  • when concerns are reported, action is taken quickly and sensitively to support the child and their family
  • agencies working with children work effectively and follow legal guidelines.

The Children Act 1989 and 2004 sets out the law governing our responsibilities:

Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

Responsible for managing allegations against adults who work, volunteer or care (e.g. foster carers) for children.

Report all allegations to the Duty & Assessment teams (contact details as above) who will consult with the LADO. All allegations should be reported regardless of their nature or who receives them, including situations where the worker resigns. Compromise agreements are not acceptable and may put others at risk in the future. In East Sussex we work to the Local Safeguarding Children Board guidance and procedures.

If you are unsure whether the concern should be referred then you may contact the LADO for consultation and advice:

Local Authority Designated Officer

Phone: 07825 782793

Managing Allegations – Concerns about individuals who work with children