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Dyslexia support in libraries

Dyslexia is a learning difference that can affect the ability to read, write and spell.

East Sussex libraries are committed to providing whatever support they can for:

  • parents and carers looking to aid the development of children with dyslexia
  • dyslexic parents and carers looking to find books to share with small children
  • adults with dyslexia looking to find ways to enjoy reading or develop their skills.

How we can help

We offer e-books, e-magazines and e-newspapers which you may find easier to read if you have dyslexia.  We also have  e-audio books and books on CD if you prefer to listen.

You can find these useful resources in our libraries:

  • E-audio books and ‘Read-Along’ e-books if your child would like to follow the words on the pages as they listen.

  • Books for adults about dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

  • User friendly computer software in all libraries (Supernova) which enables users to change font size and colour.

  • ProDigi and Eye Pal Solo reading aids available in Bexhill, Hastings and Eastbourne libraries. These machines are for those who have difficulty with normal print. They have a text to speech function as well as tools to enlarge print and change font colour.

  • Quick reads for adults who struggle with reading for any reason or who are reluctant readers.

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