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Providers and professionals

COVID-19 updates for providers in East Sussex
Regular updates on COVID-19 for adult social care providers.
Training and development
Find out about training and development opportunities for adult social care providers and staff in East Sussex.
A guide for Personal Assistants
Information on the role of a Personal Assistant and how to find employment.
Contracts and purchasing
Provider portal, accounts and contract queries for adult social care providers.
Safeguarding resources
Safeguarding resources for professionals.
Developing and funding social care support services
Information for social care providers on market opportunities and current and future demand.
Public health
Information for GP practices and pharmacies including PHLSAs.
SingleView is a system which allows professionals with a login to view basic information about Early Help and social care involvement.
Order adult social care leaflets
How to order hard copies of adult social care leaflets.
Social care research
How to apply for approval for research with adult social care clients, their carers, or social care staff in East Sussex.
Find out about our adult social care provider forums.
Health and social care news
Joining up health and social care in East Sussex.